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"Women's Interfaith Network event" celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: Women, the Powerhouse of every Nation.

Sun, 10/03/2013 - 14:00 - 15:45
3 Brewer Road Brighton East VIC 3187. [Please RSVP to jessieeks@hotmail.com ].

Women’s InterFaith Network Foundation

jessieeks@hotmail.com or call 0411 300 655." usemap="#map1" counted="undefined" originalsrc="http://www.winfoundation.net/WINFoundation/WIN/WIN_files/shapeimage_2.png" src="http://www.winfoundation.net/WINFoundation/Media/transparent.gif" />shapeimage_2_link_0
jessieeks@hotmail.com or call 0411 300 655." usemap="#map1" originalsrc="http://www.winfoundation.net/WINFoundation/WIN/WIN_files/shapeimage_2.png" src="http://www.winfoundation.net/WINFoundation/Media/transparent.gif" /> shapeimage_2_link_0

WIN Foundation’s other services include (but are not limited to):



  1. Helping communities build capacity and harmony

  2. InterFaith project / event management.

  3. Introducing students to Interfaith and Intercultural understanding.

  4. Poviding assistance and advice to networks and communities to create peace building activities and events


  1. For more information, please email Jamel@CulturalEducation.com.au or call 0413 425 912.
    Women’s Business Prayers at the Melbourne, Parliament of the Worlds Religions, 2009, launched the concept of WIN Foundation

       Women, the Powerhouse of

                every Nation.

Sunday 10th March 2013
In acknowledgment and celebration of Women.
@ Brighton Classic Residence
3 Brewer Road Brighton East VIC 3187
2.00 pm  – 5:30 pm 10 March 2013
Join us for a FREE afternoon of laughter,
music, good food and sharing wisdom from
our lives.
This event is about motivating and exciting
us about our achievements and our goals
for the future.
International Women’s Day
Please RSVP to jessieeks@hotmail.com or 0411 300 655

Geelong Interfaith Network

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