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City of Greater Geelong has always been supportive of and working towards a peaceful and inclusive community whereby the religious beliefs and values of the community are taken on board in all aspects of its work. In this respect, the City of Greater Geelong has seen the creation of and has worked together, with the Geelong Interfaith Network to achieve those aims.

Geelong Community Directory


Links to Faith websites and resources


Anglican Parish of Christ Church Geelong

Baha'i Faith Infomation

Byakko International

Catholic Church (Deanery with links to regional parishes)

Christian Science

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania

Family Federation for World Peace (USA site)

Shiva Yoga Centre, Geelong: Swami Atmandanda & Durgama -

http://www.shivayoga.org/ ; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shiva-Meditation-Centre-Geelong/191180194263006

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Universal Peace Federation (International site for interviews and projects)
Contact: Randall Apps

 Unity/: Contact griddlepop@hotmail.com

World Peace Prayer Society

Geelong Interfaith Network

Upcoming events

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